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Melissa Locke


Metal brass oval antique picture frame isolated cutout

who am i

I am Melissa Locke a self-taught oil painter focusing on realism. As a self-taught painter, my artistic journey has been a testament to my passion for capturing the beauty and complexity of the world around me. Guided by an insatiable curiosity and an unwavering commitment to self-expression, I embarked on this creative odyssey with no formal education but an abundance of determination.

Oil Painters Palette

My Featured works

Elephant WaterColor

Elephant Pencil Drawing

Jerry Garcia Pencil Drawing

Self Portrait OIl Painting

Horror Series

Book Of Fire

Oil on Canvas

Mask on Fire

Oil on Canvas

Winner of “Best In Show”

Tri-County Arts Council 2022

Master Studies

A painter engages in a master study as a deliberate and focused effort to deepen their understanding of artistic techniques, styles, and compositional elements employed by accomplished artists from the past. Through the meticulous observation and replication of a masterwork, artists aim to absorb and internalize the nuances of color theory, brushwork, and overall craftsmanship exhibited by the original creator. This immersive process not only hones technical skills but also provides valuable insights into the creative decision-making of the master, serving as a rich source of inspiration and a pathway for personal growth and artistic development.

My study of “Judit”

Original painted by

Joseph Lafebvre

My study of “Le Bacchante”

Original By Jean-Leon Gerome

My background

While my technical proficiency has evolved through countless hours of experimentation and practice, my artistic philosophy draws inspiration from both the masters of the past and the ever-changing tapestry of contemporary life. Nature, human relationships, and the interplay of light and shadow serve as my muse, influencing my work with a depth and authenticity that only a self-taught artist can truly embody.


Group Shows

  • A little something Small Works Show, Tri-County Arts Council, 2022
    • Winner of Best In Show for “Mask Of Fire”

  • A little something Small Works Show, Tri-County Arts Council ,2023


Tri-County Arts Councill

Olean New York

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